All our materials are of Portuguese origin and are concerned with sustainability in their production.

Our textile materials are materials produced in portuguese factories, with natural fibers, such as organic cotton, linen and wool, and materials from deadstocks, materials that have no use in the production chain of the company, but to us, they are precious.

Our brand and size tags are made from natural, undyed cotton, composition and care labels are made from recycled polyester, and hangtags and button envelopes are made from recycled paper, with a jute cord.

Our buttons, from ecological collections, zippers, boxes and all other accessories are produced in Portugal too.

Among our suppliers are Riopele Têxteis, RCS Linhos, Casa da Malha, Passamar and Louropel.


All of our parts are manufactured in Portugal. Our new collections are produced at Suri Atelier, a modeling and sewing workshop in Cascais.

We produce in very limited quantities, depending on the availability of materials and allowing us to maintain our strict quality standards.

We eliminated single-use plastics from our production and reused all possible materials, including the polybags that we collected and reused since our first collection.

We pride ourselves on transparent production and each HALI Studio garment has a QR Code where it is possible to learn about the entire production process of the item in question, as well as see the places where it has been.


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