Our story


Born by the hands of Inês Silva Faria, designer and founder, HALI Studio aims to bring fashion to everyone, supporting the production and management of the brand in principles of sustainability.

Inês grew up in the north of Portugal, an area of great importance for the national textile sector, having followed her higher education in Fashion Design, in national and international universities, and is currently doing a Phd in this subject.

Created in 2021 and with the first collection launched in 2022, HALI Studio arises from a dream and an identified need.


Inês Silva Faria - Founder and Designer

the dream

A more sustainable and democratized textile industry, leaving no one behind.

the need

It was noted that fashion only reaches standardized bodies, leaving aside a large group of people who do not have access to fashion products, but to textile products adapted to their conditions, either by the limitation of available sizes, or by the limitation of inclusive design for people with disabilities.


From Swahili, it means condition

the inspiration behind the language

The world as a whole, with influences from Arabic, Persian, German, English, Portuguese and Indian languages.


[kuhn-di-shn] . noun

From Latin “Conditio”. Situation in relation to circumstances.

Sense of the relationship between an action and a reaction.

Hali Studio

HALI Studio’s main collection uses limited, high-quality raw materials from deadstock from Portuguese companies. It intends to offer a differentiating design proposal for all bodies.


A more sporty and comfortable collection that favors the basics, such as t-shirts and sweatshirts. This line also uses printing techniques with less environmental impact.


Create conscious fashion products, where classic and contemporary meet, impacting the environment as little as possible and being a positive change in the world.


Connect with the community and nature at large. Through fashion, to have a positive impact on the world at an environmental and social level.

Ecological, ethical and authentic. Made with the future in mind!

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