Fashion Recovery

At HALI Studio, we don’t want to be another problem for the planet, we don’t want to contribute to waste or unbridled consumption. It is extremely important to extend the useful life of a piece of clothing and, at the end of its life, send it to the correct places.

First step: design to last

We work hard to provide quality products, increasing their durability, but we feel that this is not enough.

The products are designed to be durable, betting on the timelessness of the product. Textile materials are carefully selected, mostly from deadstocks, allowing the creation of products with the desired quality.

Follow the washing instructions carefully to increase the durability of your garments.

Second step: repair

The products are designed for their repair, we produce garments that are easy to repair, due to the small number of accessory elements to the products, allowing not only their repair, but also the timeless characteristic of the products.
If a HALI Studio or 2o3 product needs repair, we can assist you and suggest the best way to repair.
We still do not have the capacity to repair the products, although this is a future goal.

Third step: end of life

We teamed up with White Stamp to give your garments a new life. Learn more in the Sell 1 Buy 1 program.

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